Multi-tasking? Meet multi-step Zaps

A single Zap can have up to 100 actions, so you can have Zapier do even more of your work for you. We promise we won’t tell your boss.

Play by your own (logic) rules

With paths, a Zap can perform different actions based on if/then logic. You make the rules. We just follow ‘em.

Run Zaps exactly when you want

With filters, your Zap will only run when a certain condition is met. You can also schedule your Zap to run when you want or delay the action step.

Make your data match your style

Add a formatting step to a Zap and presto-chang-o! Your data is transformed into the format you need. We’d like to see David Blaine do that.

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Point, click, automate

Automate even the most customized processes with our no-code Zap editor.

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With great power comes great flexibility

Build your own app integrations

Don’t see the app you need among Zapier’s 5,000+ supported apps? Use our developer platform to create a private, custom connection to any web app with an API—for free.

Build your own integrations

Customize your Zap with webhooks

For even more customization, you can use webhooks to receive data from any service or send requests to any URL—without writing code or running servers.

webhook integration

Move bulk data on demand

Transfer by Zapier makes it easy to move data in bulk whenever you want, so you can stop wasting time copy-pasting, correcting errors, or cleaning up messy data.

move data

See Zapier in action

Take a peek at how Zapier’s features empower you to automate almost anything.

Automation you can trust

Because what good is automation unless it’s secure and reliable?

Security features

At Zapier, we take security and privacy seriously. Learn more about our security practices.

SOC II compliant

Zapier meets all SOC 2 Type II requirements, so you can automate with confidence.


If a Zap fails or encounters an error, we’ll re-run it automatically so your work keeps happening.

Advanced controls

Need advanced administrative or security features? Check out Zapier for Companies.

5,000+ apps, infinite possibilities

Zapier supports more apps than any other platform, so you can connect the tools you use today—and tomorrow.

As much (or as little) help as you want

Do it yourself

Whether you’re brand-new to automation or looking to grow your skills, we make DIY doable.

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Choose a certified Zapier Expert to help you think through and create automated workflows.

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